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How it works:

Self Love Pull - How can you love yourself better? Insight from Spirit of divine self care and heart chakra healing.

Single Attraction Pull - What to focus on/heal/do to make sure we are attracting the right relationship.

Relationship Check-in - Wellness check on the relationship between you and yours. Do not request this if your partner is someone else's man/woman/them. Don't play with me. I do not have time and you deserve better.

I will be working these requests between client sessions on a first come, first serve basis. Please do not expect immediate turn around. Don’t worry, me and Spirit got you!

Your read will be delivered via a private YouTube link via email. This is not a live read. Live reads (when open) must be booked at full price.

The cards do not lie honey. Please sit with the read for a second. I am always available to help connect the dots.

This is NOT a question pull. Specific questions will NOT be answered. I will read the cards as they are pulled.

Videos will be uploaded to an unlisted YouTube link and delivered via email. All sales final. Tarot videos from Godis Cheeky have been known to cause the spontaneous snatching of edges, beards, and kitchens. You’ve been warned, and invited

Valentine’s Day Tarot Video Request

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