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what I do

Self discovery, spiritual connection purpose and development are so important right now, in this present moment. Astrologically and socially we are in an age of progression and goal actualization. More and more of us are being called to step into purpose and power. 


Working with a Spiritual Advisor helps connect the dots and provide trusted guidance on your journey. If you’ve landed here, it’s because something in you is ready to continue to deepen your connection to Self and Source. 


If you are ready for me, I am ready for you. 


In this work, I have had the amazing pleasure of serving many powerful individuals. I have had the privilege to help past and present clients with a multitude of paths, including but not limited to - goal identification and manifestation, guidance through spiritual breakthroughs, realignment and chakra clearing/activation, education and enlightenment, spiritual mindset mastery, ancestry connection, purpose and speaking life into self and ideas.


I incorporate tarot, crystal energies, reiki, frequency healing, altar work, astrology and channeled messages from spirit as ways to share my gifts. 


My purpose in this life, is to help you serve yours. I have been blessed beyond measure with spiritual sight and have surrendered to my purpose of helping the collective align, connect and develop on their spiritual journey.

areas of service

Spiritual Foundation and Removal of Chakra Blocks/Limiting Beliefs 


Mindfulness & Self Mastery 


Purpose Actualization & Manifestation 


Self Connection & Empowerment 


Strategic Spiritual Planning 


How I Serve My Community


Intuitive Spiritual Development Courses


1:1 Spiritual Mentorship Programs 


Crystal and Frequency Energy Reiki Services


Master Channeled Tarot Sessions


Custom Spiritual Detox Programs 


Couples Spiritual Alignment Coaching


Ancestral Connection Through Medium Work


Aura Cleansing and Chakra Alignment 


Astrological Birth-Chart and Zodiac Interpretation 

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