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spiritual advising

Working with a Spiritual Advisor helps connect the dots and provide trusted guidance on your journey. If you’ve landed here, it’s because something in you is ready to continue to deepen your connection to Self and Source. 


If you are ready for me, I am ready for you. 

benefits of the program

does this sound like you?

I am ready to step into my power. 

I am ready to move in purpose. 

I am ready to live the life I deserve. 

I am ready to connect to my ancestors and spiritual guides. 

I am ready to heal. 

I am ready to elevate. 


If it does, then I can help with that. 


I am uniquely authentically myself. I’m lit. I’m raw; but I’m knowledgeable. When you know wtf you talmbout there’s no need to sugar coat and finesse. 


I’m not for everyone. But who I am for, it’s in a major way. 

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Program Testimonial

I am so grateful that I have Cheeky as my Spiritual Coach.  I love her positive energy, her candor, and the way she makes me feel seen, heard, and valued.  Her encouragement is warm and fuzzy and can be delivered like a sharp edged sword lined with love, care, and gentleness.  I’d recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and help with unlocking past traumas, relationships, and learning how to improve your own self care practice. I just love her !!!!

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