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An altar is a central place for your intentional items surrounding the elements, goals, ancestors, and other items of significance that you are utilizing for your spiritual practice. they are a place of spiritual peace and strength. Altars have been and are still widely used in a wide variety of religions and spiritual practices, from centuries beyond. There are many types of altars for many different uses, but the most important thing to to make it meaningful to you!


An altar is a place to pray, mediate, remember your ancestors and honor them, enhance your meditations and overall energy portal for the home.


Typical Items On An Altar:

Items to Represent the 4 Elements

Photos of Ancestors

Belongings of Ancestors


Photos of Things You Are Manifesting



Written Prayers


Your Altar Kit Will Include :

Elemental Items (Earth, Water, Air, Fire)

Vase for Flowers

Crystals for Intention

Offerings Bowls

Water Glass


Altar Journal & Pen

Instructions and Overview

Palo Santo

Custom Altar Ancestor Invocation Prayer

& More


Let me take the worry out of the set up for you. Once you complete your intention form, giving me a little more information on what your ultimate altar goal is, I will begin hand picking elements and items to aide you in your experience. With your items, you will receive basic set up instructions, instructions on how to bless and cleanse your altar, and an example altar prayer (though I fully encourage you to write your own).


Altar Stands/Furniture NOT Included.



Custom Altar SetUp + Instructions

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